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Low on Funds, High on Vibes. Apu is here to unite all frens on the blockchain

Tired of doge puns and endless moon talk? Apu Apustaja says "same, bro". This ain't your grandma's memecoin drama. This is a full-on YOLO mission to the top of the meme charts.

Why Apu? Because "it ain't much, but it's honest work" and that's exactly what this coin is all about. Grinding our way to the top with the power of our number go up technology (don't ask us how it works, it just does).

Don't be a FOMO noob. Ape now and think later. Get in on the ground floor before Apu says "it's morbin' time!”

P.S. We're using Solana because, well, it's fast and cheap to use.. (yeah, looking at you Ethereum)

P.P.S. DYOR (do your own research) but seriously, this is now a 100% community project that is about to become so viral your mom will share it on Facebook and you can do nothing about it.

how to buy $APU

Create a Wallet

Get Phantom wallet from the Google Play Store or App Store. For desktop users, visit phantom.app to download the Google Chrome extension.

Get that Solana

You can buy SOL directly from Phantom, transfer from another wallet, bridge from any chain, or purchase on another centralized exchange (such as Binance, KuCoin etc.) and send the coins to your wallet

Go to Jupiter or Raydium

Using Google Chrome or the browser within the Phantom Wallet app, navigate to Jup.ag (Jupiter) and connect to your wallet. Copy the $APU token address, choose $APU, and hit the confirm button in Jupiter


Swap your SOL for $APU and come vibe with frens

Contract address

Congratulations, you are now a future MULLIONAIRE.

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token supply:


LP burnt

ownership renounced

0% tax

Phase One

      Community Takeover
      New website and socials
      Implement number go up technology

Phase Two

      NFT Collection
      Unite all frens
      Make memes
      Enjoy life

Phase Three

      Top Solana memecoin

© Apu Apustaja / SOL 2024
the only true $APU on Solana chain